Hey Rim's Performance Highlights


”Hey Rim...a brilliant pianist...Hey Rim Jeon who is at the forefront with a brightly glowing beacon. I, therefore, heartily and without reservation, endorse Hey Rim Jeon. -Benny Golson, Legendary Saxophonist (Click here to read full letter) 

”Hey Rim is an exceptional talent. Her technical prowess and intriguing harmonic sensibility set her apart from many of her peers. I love playing her music because her piano style and composition style allow my voice to be heard as an integral part of the ensemble, opposed to just an accompanist. She plays with absolute presence, yet still provides enough space for the music to breath. Her songs blend elements evident of her classical training and her jazz improvisational skills. I think it is wonderfully combined. Hey Rim is a very exciting, emerging artist!” -Terri Lyne Carrington, NEA Jazz Master and three-time Grammy winner

“Mona Lisa Puzzle (jazzjeon, 2009)...intense, intelligent statement...” -Bill Milkowski, Writer, JazzTimes

”...her fabulous original compositions and inventive interpretation are always sure to entertain...” -WICN 90.5 FM Radio

”The new CD Hey Rim Jeon & friends (Take Note Music, 2001) quickly tables any discussion that Jeon is in any way behind her peers. In fact, it reveals a player with a sure touch and a penchant for stepping beyond early mainstream influences.” -Bob Young, Boston Sunday Herald

"Introducing Hey Rim Jeon (N-Coded Music, 2012) musically reflects the multinational and eclectic experience of the pianist who, born in Seoul, Korea, went from classical prodigy to jazz and popular devotee while at the Berklee College of Music...it was her eclectic, constantly shifting styles that took center stage...The sonic collage was alternately distracting and mesmerizing. The evening ended with an inspired performance of Jeon’s “Mona Lisa Puzzle,” which showed that, once given a moment to settle, the young trio was deserving of their spot at Birdland." -Nick Fernandez, Feast of Music (Click here to read full review)

"As sophisticated a pianist as you will ever find, Hey Rim Jeon stands strong among the young lions of jazz. Paying homage to Dr. Oscar Peterson, one of the most extraordinary artists in jazz legends, Hey Rim displayed a mastery of the jazz idiom that is quite beyond her age..." - Daa'iya L Sanusi, New York Amsterdam News

"Hey Rim Jeon's newest, Mona Lisa Puzzle, shows off her excellent skills as a composer. Can't go wrong with the star studded bandmates who bring her compositions to a high level."-Ron Gill, Host, Jazz Gallery, WGBH 89.7

”...a very complete command of the piano...an intelligent sense of performing and a broad view of music...” -Michael Cain