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Hey Rim's New Album "Groovitude"
 U.S Top 20 National Jazz Radio Chart for consecutive several weeks!

HRJ_Groovitude_Digital_Album Cover

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Album Review:


"There's absolutely no way to sit still when listening to Hey Rim Jeon's new CD "Groovitude." The technical mastery and harmonic choices are awe-inspiring, but it's the palpable heart and soul that make this groovy work one destined for auto-repeat. What a vibe! Great work! Can't wait to download it officially!" - Dr. John D. McGee, Berklee Piano Department Assistant Chair

“Hey Rim is a very accomplished pianist, with great touch, sound and tone. But what comes through most is her connection to the tradition, the blues language that is the root of jazz. At the same time, she makes it entirely her own and entirely current. And it’s entirely beautiful!"- Michael Cain, Jazz pianist and composer


Liner Note

Multi-Grammy Award winning songwriter John Legend once said that artists make their personal story universal. In this album, I am making my personal experience a universal one. Each song in this album has a special meaning to me, and I hope it will touch your heart.


I recorded this album while my father was battling with cancer. He wanted to listen to nice and soothing music while he was fighting for his life. Even though I had released a couple of albums, I didn’t have one to help ease his soul. This motivated me to produce an album which anyone can simply listen to and enjoy. This album contains 9 songs, 7 of which are universally well-known, including one Korean folk song, Spring in Hometown, and one popular song, 100 Years of Promise by Jongwhan Kim, which my father used to sing to my mom every day.


It took me a long time to release this album due to my high expectation. I kept asking if I would ever be able to make it worthy enough to pay tribute to my dad, but after two and a half years of pandemic, I can’t think of any better time to release this album. My father wasn’t able to listen to it, but I am happy to share it with you in the spirit of love and hope.


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